Is Bond Free?

Yes, it is! As long as Bond is in beta, you can use it completely free :) There will soon be an option to pay for the watermark removal below the signature, but nothing mandatory. Paid plans may come later along with additional features, however the features already existing will remain completely free. FYI Bond so 100% self funded, so any help is appreciated. 🙏

Are my emails recorded by Bond?

Not at all, your privacy is important to us. When you reply to someone, your email is temporarily sent to our servers to analyze the structure of the writing, so Bond allows you to select individual sentences to highlight. However, Bond does not store this data anywhere once you have finished sending that email.

Why does Bond ask for my permission to record the highlighted phrases?

We do this to make your experience optimal, for 2 main reasons:

1) It will soon allow you to quickly access the highlighted phrases, regardless of the status of the emails they are from (read / unread, archived, labeled, stored in a folder etc...). A simple way to track what you owe or what is owed to you, without a cumbersome organization of your inbox.

2) It allows our AI algorithms to understand the nature of each phrase (e.g. their category: Action, Question, Information or Timing), and soon will help you identify even more quickly those that need your attention, or that of your contacts.

Is it ok for me to let Bond keep a record of highlighted phrases?

Absolutely, the data is fully anonymized, so not linked to you or to anybody!

Also, while we suggest that you let Bond keep a record of the highlighted phrases, you always have the option to disable this feature (check your account settings in the Bond extension on your browser).

What if my recipients do not use Gmail ?

Nothing special, they will just receive the exact same email you saw when you sent it. Bond is designed to help you write and reply using all the standard elements managed by all email providers / clients. No hidden embeds or special technology sneaks in. :)

Still have questions? Email us at contact [at] bondinbox.com
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