Drop emailing.
Because you will Save Hours everyday.

Enjoy your new self-organized inbox.
Always know what matters and what to do.

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Get clarity, get things done.

You and your coworkers are wasting so much time with emails. Sometimes you even miss valuable items. Managing emails should not be rocket science. Instead, you just need instant and perfect clarity to focus on what you need to.

Easy to use
Instant benefit

Switch to Intention Messaging

Finally know what you are expected to do, before opening messages

Stop losing messages

Handle what matters :

Bond lets you know the purpose of messages and what is expected from you even before reading them.

You also know which project or group your messages are related to, so you can focus on the desired topic.

Remember when all messages were mixed up together and buried under a pile, with poor visibility about topic, importance, priority, or what you should do?

Never miss due time

Respond at the right time: Whether you use to flag them unread, to move them into folders or to use a snooze feature, dealing with the life cycle of emails is a mess.

In Bond, new, pending and complete messages are separated in different buckets.

Our connection feature notifies you when you have everything you need to answer a message. Bond backs up your memory, so cool!

Read, sort, and find everything easily

Email conversations are often hard to understand, requiring to expand multiple messages, scroll all the way down and read them bottom up.

Instead, Bond uses Conversational messages meaning each response is naturally following its parent message, just like in dialogues.

Catching up with a thread finally becomes fast and easy!

100% reliable auto-categorization

Never miss an action you are assigned or an answer you owe. All of them are categorized in a way you can trust. So as threads, no reply expected, invites, notes, and more...

Standalone or Group topics

Whether your messages are isolated, related to a project or to a group, Bond has you covered. Spot what you need to focus on in a blink of an eye.

Stop mixing New, Pending, and Done

Bond lets you know what is new, so you handle what you can right away. Leave the rest pending for later when it is the right time, without sweeping anything under the rug.

Completion readiness notification

Bond connects the dots, so you automatically know when you are able to complete that task or question pending for a while.

Read natural conversations

In Bond, messages are flowing smoothly like in dialogs. No need to expand and scroll forever to understand a whole conversation.

Research at light speed

Not only you will enjoy awesome auto-categorization and auto-organization, but our search feature is just amazing by its efficiency and simplicity.

They talk about us

I used to see email as a burden and would never have imagined that an inbox could actually help my team and I be that much more productive.
Jeremy McGrath — Oil trading director

How it works

Here is how the magic happens


Compose better..

With Bond, senders define their intention towards each recipient: action, question, thread, invite etc. A child can do it, in no time.


...Receive better

So messages automatically land in the appropriate bucket. The cool thing? Your sender did this, not an Artificial Intelligence.
So you can trust it.


Manage life cycle

In Bond, messages also flow differently:

1- New messages land in the inbox.
2- Once answered, they automatically move into the "complete" bucket.
3- Else, they automatically move or stay into a "pending" bucket.

Forget the pile of mixed messages.


Increase Productivity & Save time

Now that you really know what matters, isn't that great to instantly spot the actions you are assigned or the answers you owe?

What a relief to leave aside lower importance messages without the fear of missing anything!

Can't wait to try Bond?