The messaging platform that
saves time through your organization

Bond is the time-saving inbox for people who communicate a lot.
With Bond, it's easier and faster for individuals and teams to get things done.

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The average worker wastes more than 2 hours a day sifting through unclear, unnecessary email...

Switch to Bond and save your collaborators over 1 hour daily

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Give everyone the means to perform

Individual Efficiency

Your collaboration platform becomes the way to focus, track and get things done. The backbone of your people's efficiency.

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Empower your teams to work toward the same direction

Streamlined Collaboration

Get team members connected, as well as their related tasks, inputs and outputs. Keep deadlines under control. Reminders are no longer necessary, everyone knows what to do and when.
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Relieve your organization from message overload


Get your people a perfectly auto-organized inbox, so they deliver without the fear of missing anything. It dramatically reduces stress due to message overload, while providing the feeling to really be in control.
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Real gains for your organization...

Do more

Workers spend less time organizing their inbox, manipulating messages, and trying to figure out what is valuable to them. With the time saved, they do value-added tasks.

Well being & Happiness

Work is more meaningful when we doing more value added tasks. Collaborators are in control and can spend more time with their families. That is real well-being.

Financial impact

Better individual performance and improved collaboration efficiency lead to a stronger, faster and more agile organization. Productivity by doing more with less.

less apps required

Bond combines the advantages of multiple apps you may currently use, and more.

... and a service under control


The easy setup and data upload process lets you get started anytime you want.


Low learning curve and great onboarding process for a fast user adoption.

Access authorization

SSO, third-party identification, manual login... we've got you covered.


Our service enables your organization to ramp-up at its own pace. From SMB to enterprise.


Our API brings the power of Bond to third-party messaging and productivity apps.

Usage monitoring

Check how all levels of your organization are doing, with the granularity you want.

Plan terms tracking

Monitor Bond's performance in real time (uptime, activity, maintenance ...)


Bond uses the latest protection technologies. Your data is in a safe place.

Data control

Bond enforces regulations on data protection and compliance.

How it works

Compose better...

With Bond, senders define their intention towards each recipient: action, question, thread, invite etc. A child can do it, in no time.

...Receive better

In Bond, messages automatically land in the appropriate bucket. The cool thing? Your sender did this, not an Artificial Intelligence.

So you can trust it.

Manage efficiently

New messages land in the inbox. They automatically move to pending when they are read, unless they are marked as complete.

Forget the big pile of messages.

Increase Productivity & Save time

Isn't that great to instantly spot what matters, actions you are assigned, or answers you were waiting for?

Set aside lower importance messages without the fear of missing anything, and deliver faster than ever.

You're in great company.

See what our beta users say about us

I used to see email as a burden and would never have imagined how an inbox could actually help my team and I be that much more productive.
Jeremy McGrath - Oil trading director
I love how simple it is to switch to Bond. It's actually like an email inbox in which you never search for anything: it's right there!
Rose De Fiery - Talent acquisition VP
We deployed Bond quite fast and easily. It has also been adopted quick as the tool is very simple to use, and thanks to an efficient digital onboarding path.
Daren Williamson - Chief Information Officer

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